Libre Knife Fighting


We are thrilled to bring you this weekly class taught by certified Libre instructor, Randy Lauritzen.

In this class you can expect to learn how to stop an attack in its tracks. Here are a few of Libre’s main principles, taken from founder Scott Babb:

Libre is about attacking. It’s not about countering or trying to move around an opponent’s defense — It is about tearing through the opponent’s defense.

Strategy in Libre involves reading an opponent’s stance, guard, and position and exploiting it. The practitioner also utilizes footwork, feints, and line-of-sight to break through the opponent’s defense.

Defense in Libre comes through utilizing footwork to control distance, evade, bait, and offset the opponent. Blocks and/or parries are rarely used.

This type of training is a great addition to your Krav Maga training since you are practicing flow, movement and overcoming mental obstacles associated with weapons.

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