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Welcome to TBKM Krav Maga where we offer kids, teens and adults classes in Krav Maga Seminole. Our school places an emphasis on building our students into more confident and trained individuals. The lessons and structure we use helps each student with their martial arts journey and personal growth in a fun, safe and family-friendly environment.

Our method, called Krav Maga, originated from Israel after WWII. Krav utilizes techniques from multiple forms including Kickboxing, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Wrestling, Karate and more to form a well-rounded technique of self defense.

We practice self defense against one person, two-on one and three-on one scenarios. We also offer self defense training for knives, guns, sticks, rifles and in multiple situations such as from all sides, sitting, in a vehicle and more. We offer the most comprehensive self-defense method in the world, and our school is one of the best school in the nation.

Whether you are looking for yourself, your teen or your kid – Krav Maga is an excellent well-rounded way to stay in control of yourself and handle self defensive situations with confidence. Martial arts practictioners of all skill levels are invited as well. We have regular and advanced classes, as well as sparring on Wednesdays which require pads and a mouthguard.

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Krav Maga Self Defense Class for Adults
Self Defense Classes Largo with Joe Battle


"I have been with Tampa Bay Krav Maga for over 7 years now and this place is an exceptional school. The instruction by coach Joe Battle is second to none. We've learned combat defense including fighting, knives, sticks, rifles, choke and ground defense.

This place is a lot of fun, has superior instruction and everyone feels like family here - highly recommended!

- Phil Reale

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